SNC-Lavalin Secunda Oxygen team reaches 1 M hours LTI-free in One year

March 29, 2018 Africa

Technical Support Services (TSS) at Sasol Secunda Operations in South Africa celebrated an important milestone in 2017. The TSS team under the leadership of site manager Eoin O’Dwyer, based at the Oxygen Business unit, achieved 1,013,492 man hours without a recordable injury for all of 2017. Their overall record is standing at 3,788,973 hours, with the last incident having recorded in September 2012.


This is a staggering achievement when looking at the project details for the year. The monthly average of personnel on site was 428 people with a peak of 517 people. On the hot work portion, the project team worked on 563 pipe repair approvals and welded out 29,570 diameter inches and 56,574 linear inches. They also completed 61.3 m² of weld build-up on equipment.  On the cold work portion of the project, the team worked on a total of 1,077 valves and pieces of equipment for the various general overhauls and completed a total of 246 pressure tests.

“The team’s safety focus and attitude is the driving force behind the achievement of this remarkable performance. Each team member is committed to ensuring that every task is handled safely, and we have to always remember never to become complacent when it comes to safety,” said Vijay Erralal, Operations Manager, Technical Support Services, SNC-Lavalin, Sub-Saharan Africa.

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