SNC-Lavalin launches Smart Investment Planning

November 27, 2018

How do clients stay ahead of the curve when considering capital investment needs? We have launched our new Smart Investment Planning approach that helps them achieve desired service levels at the lowest level of cost. Smart Investment Planning provides an evidence based investment projection that is compelling to the executive and valuable for managers, ensuring the right level of investment is delivered on the right assets at the right time. It is a quick way to establish a view of lifecycle investment demand and enables better decision making aligned to business drivers.

Our Smart Investment Planning system offers plenty of benefits, allowing clients to do more with less: 

  • Understand capital investment needs with limited data
  • Achieve desired service levels at lowest level of cost
  • Balance investment decisions, when funding is constrained
  • Efficient and targeted deployment of valuable resources
  • Improved work planning and productivity
  • Optimise TOTEX expenditures over long term
  • Minimise time to value for business and end users

Our Smart Investment Planning approach addresses several challenges commonly faced by organisations with large dispersed portfolios, such as insufficient budget for full bottom up condition surveys, competing and changing business drivers, insufficient time to build a robust capital plan and lack of visibility of medium to long term investment liabilities.

Clients can benefit from the wealth of knowledge that has authored several industry standards (ISO 55000, NRM3, BS8544 & BIM). Smart Investment Planning uses a suite of predefined models and library of asset life profiles, cost models and target service levels and optimisation is enabled by an intelligent decision analytics platform that compares investment scenarios against a range of business drivers and service levels.

Throughout the Smart Investment Planning process, effort is made to harness existing data and target surveying towards high risk assets or functions. This investment approach provides a highly efficient and agile methodology to capital investment planning that can be modified to reflect an organisation’s maturity.

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