A step closer to digitization with Mobile LiDAR

July 4, 2018 Canada

The Environment & Geoscience's surveying group proudly unveiled its recent acquisition: a Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate Mobile LiDAR.  The Mobile LiDAR is a comprehensive, unlimited mapping solution that makes it possible to extract spatial information. Installed on a mobile platform (car, train, boat, etc.), the cutting-edge technological device provides an integrated platform including 3D cameras and laser scanners.


The Mobile LiDAR enables calibrated data captures with images and point clouds, ensuring that no object is forgotten during capture, in an environment that is totally safe for workers. As public roads don't need to be blocked off for it to be used, it brings costs down and even eliminates many obstacles. 

We have also acquired the infrastructure required to process the impressive amount of data that this new equipment will allow us to generate. In addition to the system, this solution also provides secure Internet access to its visualization tool for all stakeholders to access it virtually. The technology provides a complete 3D rendering of a given location, as well as a photographic representation, which is a significant asset.

We are one of the only companies in Quebec and Canada to use this technology. We also offer 3D digitization and modelling services for buildings, structures, mechanical, etc. Our equipment includes five different types of 3D digitization devices and skilled resources to enable you to achieve your projects by offering a wide array of 3D rendering services.


L-R: André Thivierge, Vice-President, Environment and Geotechnical, Infrastructure; Claude Surprenant, Director, Surveying, Infrastructure Engineering - Eastern Canada; Louis D’Amours, Vice-President, Business Development, Environment & Geoscience, Infrastructure; Martin LaRoche, Vice-President, Operations, Environment & Geoscience, Infrastructure; Mark Kauspedas, Project Manager, Surveying, Infrastructure Engineering - Eastern Canada; Sébastien Cherrier, Project Manager, Surveying, Environment & Geoscience, Infrastructure.

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