SNC-Lavalin teams with Holtec International to further develop SMR-160 small modular reactor

July 17, 2017

SNC-Lavalin and Florida-based Holtec International have signed a teaming agreement to assist in the development of Holtec’s SMR-160, a small modular reactor capable of being deployed globally for low-carbon power in wet and arid environments. 

Under the terms of the agreement SNC-Lavalin will provide Holtec with a range of nuclear engineering services including supporting the licensing of the SMR-160 reactor. As part of the SMR-160 team SNC-Lavalin will be able to leverage its experience in bringing many large, on-budget/on-schedule new-build projects into commercial operation and then supporting utility operators throughout their lifecycle. 

“We know that the global nuclear market for safe, economic nuclear power continues to grow,” said Preston Swafford, SNC-Lavalin Chief Nuclear Officer and Executive Vice-President, Nuclear. “Partnering with Holtec in the SMR-160 brings us a ‘walk away safe’ reactor design that will deliver a clean, affordable and reliable electricity supply satisfying regional and nation state power needs. It is an ideal complement to our existing technology.” 

As the steward of CANDU nuclear technology, SNC-Lavalin has over 60 years of reactor licensing, reactor engineering, NPP design engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operational support experience with the commercialization of nuclear power. SNC-Lavalin is currently working on life extension projects of CANDU reactors in Canada and Argentina, and is pursuing new build opportunities for CANDU technology in Argentina and China. 

SNC-Lavalin has been in detailed discussions with Holtec for several months to fully understand the unique and differentiating design benefits of the SMR-160 for this emerging global market. “With SNC-Lavalin’s contribution of a high calibre cadre of experts, Holtec is poised to deliver on our SMR promise, to re-invigorate nuclear power for a world in dire need of a weather-independent and carbon-free source of energy,” said Holtec President & CEO, Dr. Kris Singh. 

The SMR-160 is a passive, intrinsically safe, secure and economical small modular reactor that has the flexibility to be used in remote locations, in areas with limited water supplies or land, and in unique industrial applications where traditional larger reactors are not practical. The plant offers a balanced combination of practical innovation and proven technology to withstand the most severe postulated accidents. This advanced nuclear power plant has major appeal in domestic and international markets, offering a right-sized, cost-effective solution for carbon-free energy, and ensuring attainable power options to existing and emerging global economies demanding increased certainty of public safety, environmental protection and security from intrusion and proliferation of nuclear materials.

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