SNC-Lavalin at GeoOttawa: exposing our views on innovation in the industry

November 15, 2017 Canada

SNC-Lavalin is proud to have participated in GeoOttawa 2017, the 70th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, which was held in Ottawa, Canada from October 1 to 4. The event provided an important opportunity for our experts to showcase their expertise and to discuss innovation and challenges in the environmental, geotechnical engineering and geoscience industry.

Hafeez Baba, Engineering Manager, presented his views and solutions on challenges associated with seismic retrofit of deep foundation systems for industrial complexes, which sparked an engaged session with industry peers. “Presenting to an audience comprised of researchers, university and government representatives, and other players from the industry is very rewarding, as it allows us to discuss challenges, but moreover identify innovative solutions together,” he said. “As experts in our field, we must perform at the top of our game when it comes to thinking outside the box to preserve the environment and mitigate risks associated to our industry.”  

Jin Dong Du, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, who gave a presentation titled “Estimate of Overall Probability of Failure of Rock Slopes Considering Multiple Failure Mechanisms”, echoed Hafeez’s views. “Events such as GeoOttawa reinforce the importance for key players and researchers to come together and challenge themselves on various issues related to the environment. Over these four days, we had a unique opportunity to discuss recent research studies, regulations and innovative techniques, and how they can be applied in the mining and infrastructure industries. This is how we, as experts, can continue to evolve, and I am proud to have taken part in this year’s edition by exposing my views on important matters for the environment.”

2017 edition for GeoOttawa: remembering the great accomplishments in Canada for over 70 years!

With the theme of this year’s conference focusing on “70 Years of Canadian Geotechnics and Geoscience,” the technical program and social activities reminded all delegates of the extensive contributions of geotechnical and hydrogeological practitioners to Canada's built form since the Canadian Geotechnical Society was founded 70 years ago. 

As a true Canadian global firm, we are proud to see the active role that SNC-Lavalin - as well as other Canadian Engineering & Construction companies - has played in building and shaping the Canada we know today. 

Learn more about the conference and this year’s complete program on GeoOttawa’s website.To discuss your challenges with our mining experts, do not hesitate to contact us

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