Digital Revolution – Driving Construction Excellence

September 30, 2016

The advent of digital technologies has profoundly marked entire industries, with the rise of new business models challenging existing ones. However, the world of Mining and Metallurgy Construction has yet to fully embrace the digital shift and benefit from the gains residing in digitized solutions, models and platforms. 

Digital technologies and innovations can lead to leaps in construction productivity and yield significant gains without requiring large investment. Enduring low commodity prices are forcing mining companies to find ways to optimize their cost structure and drive greater productivity without extending already tight capital expenditure budgets.  Given that as much as 85% of the total capital investment of a new or expanded mine site is attributed to construction costs, this is a particular area of focus. 

SNC-Lavalin’s experience has shown that the implementation of pragmatic digital solutions can yield significant value. This Point of View explores effective applications of digital solutions for mining and metallurgy mega projects.

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