Centre Vidéotron

December 19, 2016

A high-profile, energy-efficient project resulting in a world-class, immersive venue for sports and live performances—and a compendium of exceptional engineering achievements.

A Uniquely Challenging Project

In November 2011, SNC-Lavalin was selected to provide all the engineering services required to build this multi-purpose arena with a capacity of 18,000 for the City of Quebec.

By leveraging our extensive engineering expertise, we successfully designed and coordinated the many different aspects of this massive, highly complex project to deliver it on schedule and $30 million below budget.

Developing Innovative Engineering Solutions

It is the first NHL-calibre arena stabilized exclusively by reinforced concrete cages. Our team designed steel columns that fit into niches within the cages, making the open spaces more expansive and avoiding visual obstructions.

Our design team came up with the revolutionary idea of air supply at the seating levels and cooling through the scoreboard. This approach reduces the HVAC load and enhances the spectator experience thanks to greater comfort and acoustics.

With the objective of designing a sustainable and LEED® certified building, we also integrated a high-efficiency heating system that recovers and redistributes heat generated by the chillers and the use of 100%-natural ammonia as the primary ice rink refrigerant.

From a technological and multimedia perspective, the building has more than 8,500 100%-LED lighting fixtures, 600 high-definition televisions, a four-sided scoreboard weighing more than 57,000 lbs, and two LED rings approximately 335 linear metres each to provide animation over more than 930 m2.

The Centre Vidéotron has already established itself as a new Quebec City landmark. Stadia Magazine ranked it as one of 2015’s top five new sports infrastructure projects, while the Association des firmes de génie-conseil du Québec awarded it a 2016 Grand Prix in the Building Structure category.