Mayotte Airport - Mayotte, France (overseas territory)

September 5, 2014 Europe , France

In 2011, SNC-Lavalin began a 15-year a public service delegation contract to manage and operate the Mayotte Airport for the French government.  By sustainably managing, operating and developing the Airport, SNC-Lavalin is helping the government improve the accessibility of the region while also benefitting local workers and protecting the environment. 

mayotte-inside-thumb.jpgNew terminal, new skills for locals 

To allow the Airport to adapt to greatly increased demand, SNC-Lavalin recently designed and built a new terminal with a capacity of 600,000 passengers per year. The new terminal successfully welcomed its first passengers in May 2014, with French President François Hollande in attendance. 

President Hollande visited the terminal and toured the Airport’s offices, where he met young employees hired by SNC-Lavalin through the “Future Jobs” plan, a French Government initiative that provides less qualified youths with a first professional learning experience. SNC-Lavalin further supported its commitment to build local capacities by using Mahoran labour for the construction of the terminal whenever the required skills were available. 

An innovative environmental design

SNC-Lavalin applied the latest sustainable development principles during the design and construction of the air terminal in support of the island’s efforts to reduce energy consumption. As a result, the new terminal now uses 40 percent less energy than a standard facility of its kind. 

SNC-Lavalin achieved performance thanks to a number of environmentally friendly design elements. These include the use of solar energy to heat rainwater from a catchment tank for use in restrooms, and natural ventilation optimized by the design of facades and roofs to regulate the temperature in parts of the terminal.

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