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The performance of operations, maintenance, and management personnel has a significant impact on company profitability, reputation and competitiveness, as well as on the environment, employee health, safety and morale.

Global Training and Simulation (GTS) provides culture-sensitive, world-class training solutions for industrial clients, which increase workforce performance during all phases of a project. By combining our tools with our approach to training, we help provide clients with skilled personnel in time for start-up, as well as maintaining and improving the competencies and skills of their employees throughout continuous operations.

End-to-end Training Programs

GTS offers comprehensive and integrated training solutions which cover all critical aspects of plant operations and maintenance, including health and safety, troubleshooting, process control, normal operation and upsets.

Our services include:

1. Training Needs Analysis
  • Identify the training objectives and scope
  • Identify knowledge and skills required by job position
  • Design the overall training strategy and program
  • Define design criteria for training facilities
2. Design & Development
  • Plan detailed training program and schedule
  • Design and develop training material and guides
  • Pre-test and post-test
3. Training Delivery
  • Deploy training infrastructure, material and tools
  • Train on site (train-the-trainer, personnel training)
  • Coordinate on-the-job-training activities
4. Training Evaluation
  • Assess trainee’s knowledge and skills
  • Measure overall satisfaction of participants
  • Report on improvement opportunities

Broad Expertise

Our multidisciplinary team at GTS includes training managers and specialists, engineers, technical writers, graphic artists and simulation specialists, experienced in industrial environments and challenges related to operational readiness and plant start-ups. Our experts design customized training programs which accelerate learning, while being fun and engaging.

Competency-based Approach

We identify the precise list of skills required to perform tasks in a job position, so that each role has a competency profile and a specific training program. Programs are developed using a blended approach, which consists of a balanced mix of theory, safe practice and on-the-job training.

Training Tools

We leverage technology to significantly improve knowledge transfer. Our programs include the use of the following learning accelerators:

  • Classroom Training
  • Interactive E-Learning Courses
  • Professional Grade Video Productions
  • Operator Training Simulator (OTS)
  • FieldOp3D Immersive Training Simulator (ITS)

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