Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance Procurement

Procurement Key Controls

We are committed to ensure the highest ethical, social and environmental standards are applied by all employees.

To support this commitment, SNC-Lavalin develops the policies, standard operating procedures, processes, methodologies and procurement strategies to ensure financial and operational controls are compliant and working effectively.

Sources Selection and Evaluation
  • We seek to develop and maintain a strong and competent local, regional and global Supplier base able to support its continuous need for various quality Goods and Services world-wide. Evaluation of existing and potential Suppliers and their proposals and quotations is crucial in this respect.
  • All proposals and quotations are to be evaluated considering the competitiveness of the pricing, the quality of the Goods and Services, the overall Supplier capabilities, in addition to any factors which contribute to the total cost of ownership of the Goods or Services. 
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