Enhanced CANDU 6

Enhanced CANDU 6

Our Enhanced CANDU 6® (EC6®) reactors are delivered with zero radioactive liquid emission technology and produce very little carbon dioxide and other emissions. When displacing traditional coal, CANDU technology saves 13 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, or 6 million tonnes when displacing natural gas. 

How it works

The EC6 is a 700 MWe class heavy-water moderated and heavy-water cooled pressure tube reactor. Heavy water is a natural form of water used as a moderator to slow down the fission chain reaction of neutrons in the reactor. It is one of the most efficient moderators and enables the CANDU design to use natural uranium as fuel, which is unique to CANDU reactors. The use of natural uranium increases a country’s energy independence as fuel can be manufactured locally and enrichment associated issues are completely eliminated. 

Heavy water coolant passes through the reactor core and removes the heat generated by the fuel. This heated reactor coolant heats light (ordinary) water and converts it to steam, which drives a turbine-generator to produce electricity.

An inherently safe design

The EC6 reactor is extremely safe. The design includes a series of inherent and engineered defenses to prevent accidents, such as physical barriers to confine radioactive material within the containment structure. Should a departure from normal operation occur, safety systems will automatically shut down the reactor, remove decay heat and prevent any radioactive releases. The EC6 complies with post-Fukushima safety standards. 

Generation III Standards

The EC6 reactor is the base of our family of Generation III nuclear reactors, building on over 40 years of experience. There are 47 CANDU or CANDU-type reactors currently operating worldwide.

Our EC6 reactor successfully completed the final stage (Phase 3) of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission pre-project design review and is ready for deployment to operators requiring high safety margins, on-schedule and on-budget construction, high performance, economic competitiveness and operational reliability.

Our EC6 Technical Summary discusses the EC6 in more detail.

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