Mining & Metallurgy

Mining & Metallurgy

Our mining & metallurgy team combines global-caliber expertise with deep local capabilities to provide tailored solutions for projects of any size, scope or complexity in the aluminium, gold, copper, iron ore, nickel, fertilizers and sulphur product sectors, among others.

End-to-end project solutions—delivered anywhere

Today's greenfield mining projects are increasingly located in remote locations and extreme climate zones. Whether our clients find themselves in the Canadian Arctic, Peruvian Andes or Middle Eastern desert, we can call on our global procurement capability and infrastructure expertise to develop facilities that are self-sufficient and deliver optimal performance.

Health & safety: more than a commitment

No matter where we are working, excellence in health and safety is more than a commitment we make to our stakeholders, it is deeply ingrained in and fundamental to everything we do. We live this commitment by ensuring a true partnership exists between our project and safety managers from the very start of every mandate. This creates bonds of trust and a forum for realistic conversations about safety which continue through the project life cycle. 

Complete sustainability solutions

Our Sustainable Mine Development (SMD) expertise allows us to fully support our clients in their goal of leaving positive social and environmental legacies, while enhancing the long-term viability of their operations. Our SMD team can help equip local workforces with transferable skills, holistically integrate environmental considerations into each project stage, and deliver tailored engineering services that help our clients’ facilities attain productivity targets and adapt to shifting market conditions.

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