In a world shaped by human development, it’s our responsibility to make sure nature is preserved and wildlife is protected.

Through domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities, all communities produce wastewater. Our work involves reducing its production, containing it, treating it and finding solutions for its safe return to the environment—and in some cases we even find ways to reuse it.

Our services start with feasibility studies and carry through to project proposals, environmental impact assessments and elements governing design. We also advise clients on how to better manage facilities by reducing capital and operating costs, improving energy efficiency and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. With a thorough understanding of regulations and legal frameworks, we can also help our clients ensure that facilities meet all requirements.

Comprehensive wastewater engineering services

Our expertise covers primary, secondary (physicochemical or biological) and tertiary treatments (UV or ozonation). We also help plant owners with pumping, air quality and odor control, spill control, composting and biomethanisation, and bio-solid treatment and recycling. Working on mandates of all sizes and scopes, our goal is always the same: helping clients run efficient plants while ensuring complete environmental protection.

Turning waste into energy

Wastewater isn’t just refuse. It’s a resource to be renewed and reused. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of sludge recycling, recuperation of energy from bio-solids, and the management of residual waste.

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