Transport and Distribution

Transport and Distribution

Ensuring sufficient quality drinking water supply at all times is a major challenge for municipalities as they strive to provide quality service to their community.

Aging water supply infrastructure, service interruptions and system leaks are serious problems that all municipal administrators face. With extensive experience in water infrastructure rehabilitation and upgrade,our multidisciplinary teams can help clients resolve issues related to all aspects of water transportation and distribution projects, from designing new pipelines to rehabilitating existing infrastructure.

Collecting the data you need

Since buried water infrastructure is often hard to access, reliable data collection systems and real-time network controls can go a long way in helping managers know what’s happening underground. By tracking pressure and flow, these information systems help inform maintenance decisions. And by tracking consumption rates, they can also help city planners anticipate future needs for potable water and its supporting infrastructure.

Managing costs through effective planning

We develop master, action, investment and asset management plans to help clients plan their work and budgets over the long term. Our recommendations are backed by network models that analyze flow dynamics, operations and energy use.

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