Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Protecting community health starts with ensuring access to clean drinking water.

By developing solutions that have a direct impact on human health, SNC-Lavalin’s water specialists have one of the most important—and rewarding—jobs in the engineering industry. We supply all types of drinking water solutions, from installing wells in rural communities to engineering and building sophisticated seawater desalination complexes in dry climates.

Various techniques and technologies can be used to treat water for human consumption. It’s a matter of finding the best solution for each project’s particularities and requirements. Our team has a thorough understanding of advanced technologies for water treatment, such as desalination, reverse osmosis, membrane filtration, sand filtration, disinfection, ozonation, and biological or physicochemical treatments.

Involved in all levels of water treatment projects

From preliminary studies through design, construction and commissioning, we handle all phases of water treatment projects, including operations and maintenance. When designing new facilities we provide our client with optimal process technologies that meets their needs, requirements and budget. For existing plants, we provide modernization and upgrade services, allowing clients to increase overall capacity, to meet new regulatory requirements and to improve process efficiency.

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