Property Management

Property Management

We provide expert property management services to help our clients in the Middle East maximize the profitability of their assets.

Our property management professionals can act as a client’s frontline representative and behind-the-scenes advisor for everything surrounding tenant management and revenue optimization. We’re known for offering unparalleled service, making sound recommendations and working with industry-leading management systems. 

Brokerage services

We help clients lease spaces to the most suitable tenants for their property type. This involves lease negotiation and administration, fee adjustments, rent collection and grace period management.

Profitability is a top priority of all asset owners, whether they be investors, institutions or governments. We advise clients on revenue generation opportunities, such as tenant mix strategies to make properties more appealing to renters and the best approaches to service charge apportionment. 

Sinking fund consulting

Thanks to our extensive experience in building engineering, operations and maintenance, we have a solid understanding of how to plan for long-term maintenance and upgrades. We use this knowledge to help clients develop sinking funds based on their property’s asset mix. The goal is to set aside sufficient funds to keep the facility in top working order over the short, medium and long terms.