Integrated Real-Estate Solutions

Integrated Real-Estate Solutions

From everyday management duties to long-term planning, we help our clients in the Middle East keep their properties profitable with carefully planned asset and tenant management programs.

Our integrated real estate services cover all aspects of facilities management, property management, and real estate advisory services. Depending on a client’s needs, we can take on any combination of these responsibilities. And since SNC-Lavalin also has extensive engineering and construction experience, we can enhance the offer with related services, such as facility or equipment commissioning, RFP proposals, procurement, etc. 

A diverse portfolio and proven track record

SNC-Lavalin manages a wide range of facilities and properties, such as commercial and residential developments, educational campuses, research institutes, hospitals, and multi-use districts. In all cases, we can handle everything from housekeeping and landscaping to building system operations and maintenance to leasing and budget planning—and more. By entrusting us with these responsibilities, our clients are able to focus on what matters most to them: their core business.

A reputation for excellence

We’re known for combining international experience with local know-how. This means that the highest quality standards are always met and services are in line with regional practices and customs. When clients associate our name with their properties, it increases their appeal to prospective tenants, who know that SNC-Lavalin consistently offers exceptional service and technical expertise.