Advisory Services

Advisory Services

By carefully planning and optimizing building designs, we ensure that they are as efficient as possible to save on time, energy and long-term costs. 

As a multidisciplinary engineering and construction firm that also provides comprehensive facility operations, maintenance and management services for our clients in the Middle East, we know what makes for an efficient building, complex or district. 

From planning through to practice

With first-hand experience in all real estate project phases, we can develop detailed asset management plans and then put our recommendations into action. Many clients are recognizing the value in working with a single provider that offers world-class technical, financial and practical expertise concerning facility planning, operations and maintenance. This combination of expert consulting and on-site services is the key differentiator that sets us apart from the competition.

Pre-occupancy consulting

Our involvement can start as early as the design phase. We review plans from a facility management perspective to see if all building components are properly positioned and laid out for hassle-free operations and maintenance. Our recommendations also aim to keep equipment functional and efficient over the long-term. Sometimes even the smallest adjustments can lead to significant time and cost savings. 

We also help clients plan for the future by developing facility management budgets, standard operating procedures, operational models and commercial models. We can benchmark facilities against the best in the world, prepare RFPs and produce evaluation criteria. 

Post-occupancy consulting 

In existing buildings, our role involves helping the client find areas for improvement with operational audits, efficiency audits and retro-commissioning. We can also analyze standard operating and maintenance procedures to see where adjustments are needed. Finally, our technical specialists can assess equipment cleaning and maintenance practices to determine whether manufacturer recommendations are being met. All this helps extend the useful life of valuable assets.

Ultimately, these activities help clients reduce operating costs and plan capital expenditures by anticipating long-term maintenance and replacement needs.