Operations & Maintenance

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Our operations and maintenance experts are proud to keep more than 40 million passengers moving every year.

As cities grow and infrastructure ages, we’re making sure passengers and goods stay on track. We do that by reliably operating, maintaining and rehabilitating the new and existing transit systems that are vital to our communities. We also regularly consult on these services to help other operators and maintainers provide excellent service.

We’re supported in this global work by thousands of in-house engineers and mechanics, and together we focus on safety, quality and sustainability. That’s true whether we’re acting as consultants, or delivering our services through a short-term contract or a 30-year public-private partnership. 

Comprehensive experience and cost-effective solutions

Our experience includes all stages of operations, and our full asset-management capability means a reliable, cost-effective result. We’re also able to introduce innovative technical solutions to increase the efficiency and longevity of rail assets.

Our operations and maintenance services include:
  • Staff Recruitment & Transitions
  • Asset Inspections & Maintenance
  • Mobilization
  • Dispatching
  • Brownfield & Greenfield Asset Maintenance & Rehabilitation
  • Fleet Enlargement Programs
  • Line Extensions & Operations
  • Customer Service/Communications
  • Comprehensive System Performance Analysis & Modelling

Operations and maintenance are just some of the many services we provide for our Rail & Transit clients.