Design & Engineering

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Our engineers are leading experts in designing and deploying the many complex systems that make railways tick, such as signalling, buildings, power supply or the track itself.

Design and engineering delivers the mix of simple and complex functional systems needed for today’s modern railways. We have the confidence of knowing our designs will work, because we also have the experience of successfully building, implementing, operating and maintaining a diverse portfolio of these systems.

Our scope can range from a single system, such as train control, to the entire railway system it operates within. We’re especially proud of being able to help clients determine what they need then delivering proven solutions for those needs throughout a system’s entire lifecycle, from conception to operation and maintenance.

Our knowledge is based on decades of working worldwide

We have designed and engineered a vast range of systems in several countries. For example, anywhere there’s a rail-transit system in Canada and the UK, we’ve worked there. We also have extensive experience in the US, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Our comprehensive approach and rigorous processes ensure safe and reliable systems that deliver what they’re supposed to, every time.

Our design and engineering services include:
  • Conventional & Advanced Digital Signalling Systems & Products
  • Automated Train Control
  • Copper & Fibre-based Networking
  • Voice & Data Radio
  • SCADA & Control Systems
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Track Systems
  • Overhead & Third Rail Power Systems
  • Civil Engineering & Drainage
  • Bridges & Tunnels
  • Station Buildings & Depots

Design and engineering is just one of the many services we provide for our Rail & Transit clients.