Our services cover the entire industry and so does our experience

We deliver our Rail & Transit services around the world on projects of every size and scope. Our global capabilities allow us to provide the advanced strategic, engineering and technological solutions needed today for successful projects.

Our experts can deliver a specific service or an end-to-end approach

We provide services on every type of railway and asset through the whole lifecycle of new or existing railway projects. Our experts can develop the concept, then design, build and finance your project. We can also help you operate, maintain and enhance it.

We deliver excellence in all types of railway environments

Our experience includes every type of rail and transit system, from high speed to freight. We are also able to call on a large pool of highly qualified urban planners, environmental scientists, human factors specialists, health and safety personnel, and countless other experts to support our project teams at every step.
Markets Overview
  • Light Rail
  • High Speed
  • Freight
  • Main Line
  • Metro
  • Other Modes