Train Control & Communications

Our unique approach to train control and communications, along with our talented experts, is keeping people and goods safely moving around the world.

Train control is essentially the technology that keeps a railway safe and allows a train to perform at its best. Communication systems are the key to making them work reliably and efficiently. We’re experts at designing, installing, operating and maintaining these technologies, but we also capitalize on them by adding a human-centred approach. By always considering how rail needs to perform for the people who operate, maintain and ride it, we make rail better for everyone who uses it. 
Our clients say they value that focus just as much as our work on some of the world’s most demanding railways. We also bring our whole lifecycle experience to whichever individual part of that cycle we’re working on. It means if we’re consulting on the design of a new signalling system, we’re also thinking about how it would be operated and maintained over decades to come.

Industry-leading consultants who work around the world

We are world leaders in delivering GOA4 fully-automated railways, and our international capabilities cover the full spectrum of rail control and communication technologies. We welcome projects of all sizes, whether a minor modification on an existing system, or introducing new control technologies across an entire rail network.
Our train control and communications expertise includes:
  • Conventional Legacy & Digital Signalling
  • European Train Control System
  • Positive Train Control
  • Automated A1 Systems
  • Rail Control Systems

  • Communication-Based Train Control
  • Traffic Management System
  • Light Rapid Transit Railways
  • Automatic Train Control
  • Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways (GSM-R)

Our expertise in rolling stock complements many of the services we offer our Rail & Transit clients.