Traction, Power Supply & Distribution

We use our solid project capabilities and specialist technical skills to bring rail to life, so rail can keep bringing people together.

When it comes to keeping trains moving, you name it, we do it. In fact, we’ve already done it many times. We have significant experience in designing and supplying traction and power systems around the world, as well as installing and commissioning them in Canada. We’ve also been operating and maintaining many of those systems as part of public-private partnerships for decades.
Knowing the job end-to-end lets us make informed decisions at whatever stage of a project we’re working on. So, if we’re engaged to consult on the design of an overhead line, we’re also considering how it will need to be maintained over the next 30 years. The result is a better overhead line now and reduced maintenance costs later.

A one-stop shop for custom solutions over the project lifecycle

Our traction and power team provides transmission and substation solutions, while our railway team offers tailored solutions for rail. And our ongoing investment in digital technologies allows us to deliver both quickly, with higher quality and greater cost efficiency. We provide a range of engineering consultancy services for new railway electrification projects and existing network infrastructure enhancements, and we work on projects of every size and scope.
Our traction, power supply and distribution expertise includes:
  • Train Simulation & Load Flow Modelling
  • Traction Power System Design
  • Substation Design & Option Assess
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • New Multidisciplinary & Electrification Projects

  • Infrastructure Renewals
  • OCS Basic, Allocation & Construction Design
  • Power Rail Design
  • Incident Investigation & Forensic Examination
  • Workforce Training

Our expertise in traction, power supply and distribution complements many of the services we offer our Rail & Transit clients.