Our world-class technical expertise is keeping projects on track around the globe

We are experts in all technical railway disciplines and have the proven skills and decades of knowledge required for today’s sustainable rail and transit projects. Our team offers comprehensive consultancy and advisory services and our clients include railways, authorities, manufacturers, operators and contractors. 

We make our expertise available to anyone, so their projects can benefit everyone

We understand the critical need for more rail and transit, so we’re pleased to bring our expertise to any project, regardless of its location, size or complexity. We can advise how to structure and contract for your project, as well as how to enhance the operation and maintenance of your railway. We also execute full turnkey design, build, operations and maintenance of railway systems in North America.

We deliver excellence in all types of railway environments and assets

We provide expertise across all aspects of rail vehicles, signalling, systems and infrastructure. And our experience includes every type of rail and transit system, from high speed to freight. Through their combined diverse skills and experience, our experts make us a leader across the spectrum of rail and transit around the world. 

Markets Overview
  • Light Rail
  • High Speed
  • Freight
  • Main Line
  • Metro
  • Special applications (e.g. monorails, people movers, etc.)