Foreshore Rehabilitation & Studies

Foreshore Rehabilitation & Studies

Wind, waves, tides, sediments and tsunamis can impact and affect projects and structures anywhere along a coastline or in the water. Our coastal engineers focus on understanding these interactions and designing measures to withstand and interact with these processes. SNC-Lavalin’s specialists blend the sciences of oceanography and meteorology with civil, environmental, geological, and geotechnical engineering principles to develop practical and cost-effective solutions.

Our experienced coastal engineers use up-to-date engineering analysis tools to create optimized and reliable designs with beneficial cost and risk implications. We provide a range of design expertise and services for clients.

Metocean Criteria
  • Wind analysis and wave hindcast
  • Wave and current data acquisition
  • Hydrographic and geophysical surveys
  • Tsunami assessment
  • Climate change effects
Coastal Processes
  • Sediment budget definition and assessment
  • Beach nourishment and restoration
  • Deposition and erosion patterns and trends
  • Ship propeller scour
Ports and Harbours
  • Planning and layout
  • Navigation simulation
  • Breakwater design and construction
  • Mooring assessment and design
  • Construction and installation engineering services
Shoreline Protection Structures
  • Shoreline protection
  • Flood prevention
  • Coastal structure assessment and rehabilitation
  • Beach enhancement
  • Construction and installation engineering services
Marine Structures
  • Wave-structure interaction loads
  • Vessel motions and loads
  • Scour protection systems
  • Outfall, intake design and performance assessment
  • Planning and dredging design
  • Dredged material management
  • Dredged sediment disposal and long-term fate
Numerical Modeling
  • Hydrodynamic and geomorphologic modeling
  • Wave generation, propagation and transformation
  • Sediment transport and seabed geomorphology
  • Wave-structure interaction
Physical Modeling
  • Breakwater design and stability
  • Seawall design
  • Beach morphology and design
  • Ship mooring
  • Wave loading on structures

Our structural and coastal engineers often work together on shoreline remediation and enhancement projects. These projects often consider changing environments and meteorological factors and the measures that need to be put in place to protect the communities near these shorelines. Our team is also supported by the extensive capabilities of the Infrastructure sector, and works closely with the related expertise of the Environment and Geoscience team, and other experts.

We present the information our clients require to assess the risks involved in coastal projects and to help plan and optimize construction, operation and maintenance activities accordingly. Our aim is, at all times, to provide our clients with practical solutions.

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