Strategic Management of Assets

Strategic Management of Assets

As part of ongoing efforts to control increases in city spending, municipal asset management is an essential tool for developing project budgets.

Sound asset management primarily involves creating a response plan to upgrade sewer and water mains and roadways, as well as three-year capital works programs (TCWP).

SNC-Lavalin offers its clients a team of engineers and technicians specialized in municipal engineering and asset management in order to carry out field assessments and inspections, as well as a team specializing in data management and in the preparation of maps and charts that will serve, among other things, to establish response plans.

SNC-Lavalin has methods for ensuring efficient, optimal management of assets such as roadways and potable water and storm and sanitary sewer mains, and includes activities such as:

  • Inventory and assessment of various networks;
  • Assessment of pavement condition;
  • Implementation of response and work organization programs.

Our strong municipal expertise enables us to assist our clients and make sensible recommendations consistent with predetermined criteria.

With their existing in-depth knowledge in this area, our multidisciplinary teams can then prepare drawings and specifications as well as oversee any work that has been planned. Our teams' areas of expertise include the following:


  • Topography and existing structures
  • Vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian counts
  • Infrastructure inspection and assessment (boulevards, streets, sidewalks)

Studies, concepts and management of work execution

  • Studies on feasibility, options, etc.
  • Road planning
  • Drawings and specifications for roads, sewer networks, aqueducts, etc.
  • Street lighting
  • Site work supervision (office and on-site)
  • Cost estimation
  • Traffic maintenance
  • Mitigation measures

Traffic Management

  • Traffic lights
  • Permanent signage
  • Temporary signage
  • Intelligent transportation system

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