Smart Cities

Smart Cities

What if your city could respond to your needs in real time? Our vision for smart city innovation involves using technology to improve the services offered to citizens, enhancing their safety, well-being and access to information.

In a smart city, urban informatics enable municipal asset owners and planners to monitor what is happening in the city. Big data and real-time connectivity help them plan for the long term and manage in the moment to make systems and services more user-friendly and efficient.

Pioneering an emerging market

The drive to build smart cities is relatively new, but SNC-Lavalin has been developing its expertise in the field’s main pillars—mobility, utilities, municipal infrastructure and facilities—for decades. 

Our proven track record in designing, developing and managing infrastructure allows us to advise clients and project partners on how data can be used to optimize asset design, construction and management. Our experience with the full lifecycle of assets gives us insights toward improvement at all stages. For example, we know that timely interventions are essential to keeping maintenance costs under control and ensuring that public assets are prepared for challenges like population growth and climate change.  

Thinking past planes, trains and automobiles

Our smart city solutions include sustainable mobility services, such as advanced light rail transit systems, but extend far beyond means of transportation. We have the know-how needed to measure, analyse and model things like traffic volumes, road safety and air quality so that we can ultimately design friendly streets, plan traffic calming measures, and devise road diets to make spaces more liveable and sustainable. Intelligent traffic systems, which include traffic controls and user information delivery, can improve operations in real time and also inform asset management plans, eventually improving future designs. 

Beyond that, our Buildings & Facilities teams have extensive knowledge in building management systems, SCADA, instrumentation, automation and modelling, both for the structures and any specialized content—all of which are complementary areas that come together to create intelligent, interconnected cities. 

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