Public Spaces

Public Spaces

Communities that succeed in providing their citizens with a high quality of living have user-friendly public spaces that are well integrated into their urban setting. These spaces are largely devoted to pedestrians and cyclists. Moreover, their facilities are designed to offer easier access to persons with reduced mobility and ensure the safety of more vulnerable users.

For years now, our teams have been developing innovations with architectural and landscape architecture firms to integrate environmentally responsible features to proposed infrastructures, such as:

  • rainwater management to minimize runoff into the sewer system and allow water to seep into the soil;
  • the addition of greenery in parking areas to counter the heat island effect; and
  • the installation of retention basins in common areas to provide the public with additional living environments.

We draw on the benefits of new technologies that are increasingly present in major centres. These include:

  • WIFI access for open and easy Internet connection;
  • video surveillance cameras for public safety and traffic management;
  • self-serve parking stations for bicycles and cars, and transit fare vending machines;
  • dynamic screens for broadcasting information, entertainment and advertising;
  • sensors for monitoring air quality, traffic and other environmental variables;
  • stations for emergency calls and taxi service; and
  • power sources for event and festival equipment.

Our teams of engineers specializing in urban and "smart city" infrastructure, along with our intelligent urban space design, landscape architecture, lighting and arborist teams, and work closely together to execute prestige projects, thereby ensuring consistency in the design and oversight of our projects.

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