Industrial Operations & Maintenance

Industrial Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance to achieve long-term performance goals

We are a global leader in numerous industrial sectors. We take our engineering expertise a step further to provide long-term Operations & Maintenance services for industrial facilities such as power plants, water treatment centers, chemical processing plants, and more. 

Optimize Lifecycle Value of Industrial Assets

Our team’s deep technical expertise, passion for solving problems, and automated project management systems allow us to adapt to our clients’ needs and the unique technical requirements of different industrial plants. We consistently meet availability and output targets while performing preventative, predictive and, when necessary, unplanned maintenance in the most cost effective way possible. We actively seek contract arrangements wherein we have a vested financial interest in plant performance and risk management. 

Investing in people and training

We believe in investing in the local workforce to the benefit of our clients. Our Global Training Services team provides a range of customized training programs that cater to developing local talent. We use a combination of delivery models including in-class training, on-the-job integration, e-learning and 3D simulation-based training. This advanced training approach helps ensure a philosophy of health and safety is tooted within all staff.

Our Services and Expertise

We offer a comprehensive service package for the operation and maintenance of industrial plants, including:

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), integrating workforce planning and spare parts inventory management
  • Major Equipment degradation modeling involving third party performance testing and advanced inspection technologies
  • Reduced costs for parts and supplies through global procurement network
  • Management of Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) through our strong relationships with OEMs
  • Balance of Plant equipment service and repair
  • Complete plant staffing and HR support
  • Operator training programs, including e-learning and 3D simulation-based training
  • Innovative financing arrangements, including partnerships to capitalize projects
  • World-class Health & Safety programming 

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