District Cooling

District Cooling

We’ve built a reputation as one of the world leaders in district cooling, an energy-efficient solution for keeping people cool in hot weather.

District cooling is a process that uses chilled water to regulate temperatures in buildings within a specific area. It offers many advantages over traditional air conditioning systems, such as reducing capital and maintenance costs, and generating 40 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, district cooling saves valuable space that can be used for more productive commercial purposes. 

We provide engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services for various facilities that support district cooling. These include district cooling plants, chilled water distribution networks, energy transfer stations and thermal energy storage tanks. 

SNC-Lavalin is proud to be a major provider of district cooling systems in the Middle East. Our projects provide chilled water for residential apartments, offices, universities, hotels, military facilities, stadiums, hospitals and government institutions in the region.

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