Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent transportation systems are technological applications designed to improve traffic flow, road safety and/or maintenance interventions.

When working on highway and/or bridge projects, our Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) specialists advise engineers on various technological systems or solutions that can improve the user experience and safety. They can also maintain traffic flows, provide data to assist with operations or maximize the asset’s life cycle and minimize long-term maintenance costs.

ITS systems include a wide range of products, such as road weather information systems, traffic monitoring systems, roadway lighting, variable message signs, traffic counters and closed-circuit television systems to monitor traffic volumes. They can be incorporated into the original design or retrofitted to existing highway networks.

Providing complete lifecycle expertise

Our strength lies in our comprehensive knowledge and experience with major highway and bridge projects. Since we have end-to-end, in-house expertise—including engineering, construction, operations, procurement, maintenance and rehabilitation—we can work collectively with our clients to offer smart, adaptable solutions. These are equipped with optimal ITS systems to keep traffic flowing and facilitate asset management, over the entire projected lifecycle of the assets.

Making informed decisions

Increased traffic volumes is just one factor that can have a significant impact on highway maintenance requirements. ITS systems can track user patterns, traffic volumes and other information, which in turn allows asset managers to adjust repair, rehabilitation and replacement schedules accordingly. Getting the timing right is essential for keeping roads and related assets in good shape and for ensuring that crews address both current and upcoming issues in a single operation, to minimize disruption and cost and maximize asset longevity.

ITS systems also make it possible for operations and maintenance teams to ensure compliance with predetermined maintenance criteria and meet hand-back requirements when concessions come to term.

Offering varied levels of ITS support

Our ITS services are as varied as the needs of our clients. Depending on your needs, we can operate and maintain ITS systems (as we do on the William R. Bennett Bridge), or simply handle their maintenance (as we do on Highway 407 East). And in some cases, we offer a combination thereof (as we do on the Southeast Stoney Trail project).

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