Routine/Seasonal Maintenance

Routine/Seasonal Maintenance

Innovative technologies, excellent communications and 24-hour vigilance are what make us a leading provider of highway and bridge maintenance services.

We offer routine and seasonal maintenance services for essential highway and bridge structures in North America. In addition to scheduled interventions, we also provide around-the-clock monitoring and incident response services to ensure the public always has the safest possible conditions for their drive home.

Seasonal maintenance regimes

Like most activities in northern climates, our operations are markedly different in winter and summer. During the cold months, we focus primarily on keeping the driving surface clear and safe through plowing, distributing salt and sand, and responding to storm events. This involves careful planning to ensure snow clearance cycle time requirements are met and sufficient snow removal vehicles and staff are available 24/7 throughout the winter season.

In spring, we begin annual clean-up efforts, like flushing and litter removal, and proceed with drainage assessments, condition checks and minor repairs. Line painting, tree clearing, signage reflectivity testing and wildlife fence repairs are also part of our warm-weather maintenance plans.

Carefully coordinated incident responses

Snow, accidents and spills are common problems that often require an immediate response. We offer 24 /7monitoring and response so that we can deal with events quickly and minimize traffic interruptions. In addition to overseeing traffic control and clean-up, we coordinate with area municipalities and other stakeholders. We ensure that open alternate routes are available as needed to address any road closures by police or fire services in response to spills or traffic accidents.

Leadership in innovation, health, safety and environment

We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative tools, technologies and work methods to improve our services and outcomes for road users, maintenance crews and the environment. We voluntarily adhere and promote the best practices for salt management issued by the Transportation Association of Canada. We have also invested in advanced snow plow blades so effective in removing snow that significantly less chemical additive is needed to keep roads free of ice.

Some of the health and safety initiatives we’re proud of include the development of a robotic bridge washing system that exposes fewer maintenance personnel to traffic and mounting crash attenuators on trucks to protect workers from impact. Thanks to our serious commitment to occupational health and safety, we have an excellent health and safety record in the field.

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