Rigorous project management and integrated interdisciplinary expertise set us apart as a leading provider of highway engineering and construction services.

We have a long history of delivering major highway projects for public-sector clients across North America. We offer conventional engineering services.  We also deliver complex projects through design-build contracts or full P3 arrangements that leverage SNC-Lavalin’s expertise in project financing, engineering, construction, procurement, operations and maintenance.

Seamless design and construction knowledge

One of SNC-Lavalin’s key differentiators is the breadth of our engineering and construction expertise. Each project benefits from a comprehensive technical team that works together to identify, understand and manage the various project risks from preliminary design through to construction completion and operations and maintenance requirements, for a true and complete maximization of the asset life following delivery.

Mastery of complex projects

Building roads, highways and related structures in complex settings is a challenge we’ve met time and again. We have a proven track record in:

  • Coordinating the various disciplines involved in major projects
  • Working in densely populated urban settings
  • Designing multi-level interchanges and complex highway geometries
  • Finding solutions for restricted site availability and constrained environments
  • Protecting ecosystems in sensitive environments
  • Developing innovative construction methodologies to meet stringent schedule targets and fast-track requirements
  • Simulating and staging traffic
  • Dealing with harsh weather conditions
  • Over the years, we’ve earned the confidence of our clients, who know we can manage constraints effectively while delivering on quality, price and schedule commitments.

    Innovative solutions

    Achieving optimal performance at a lower price is just one of the benefits of highway design and construction innovation. We always strive to find creative solutions to project constraints, whether they be related to technical requirements, schedule or budget. For example on Montreal’s Champlain Bridge , leveling pucks were used in 3D to navigate and place with precision the new footings of the piers underwater.

    Health, safety and environment

    SNC-Lavalin works very hard to protect workers and communities with best-in-class health, safety and environmental practices and policies. Highly adaptable, these practices and policies can be customized to suit any project requirements.

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