Functional, durable and sometimes even iconic: the bridges we build make a difference in the lives of commuters and communities.

SNC-Lavalin is a leading design and construction firm. Our public-sector clients look for quality and leadership as they strive to meet community expectations and to optimize the value of their infrastructure. We deliver projects quickly, with minimal disruption to residents and businesses.

We’re known for our multi-disciplinary expertise, which covers project financing, engineering, construction, procurement, operations and maintenance. With all these capabilities within a single firm, we’re able to work under all project delivery methods, including design-build contracts and full P3 arrangements.

Complete lifecycle expertise

From the earliest project phases, our interdisciplinary teams work together to identify, assess, and manage risks; thereby finding the best possible solutions for timely and effective construction and long-term maintenance. A major benefit of working with SNC-Lavalin is that our specialists understand the full asset lifecycle and can advise clients on how today’s decisions will affect tomorrow’s reality.

For our clients, this translates into significant efficiencies, and peace of mind, as we provide quality communications to all stakeholders along the way.

Innovative solutions

Project constraints are a welcome challenge because they allow our teams to show our capabilities to innovate. Our novel approaches include the longest push-launch of an overpass in North America, which allowed for minimal impact on railyard operations.

In addition, we have over the years proven our ability to overcome all kinds of challenges and complexities, including: constrained or sensitive environments, accelerated or tight schedules, restricted site availability and harsh weather conditions.

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