Surveying & 3D Scanning

Surveying & 3D Scanning

Save time and money with surveying and 3D scanning for engineering projects

With more than 30 years of experience in the surveying field, we help engineers, partners, and our clients gain a better understanding of existing site conditions and obtain detailed information once work is underway. We use traditional methods and advanced 3D scanning devices to coordinate design and construction in both the planning and execution phases. Our goal is to add value by maximizing efficiency, accuracy and safety in the field.

Surveying and 3D scanning provide essential information to support cost estimates, scheduling and sequencing. In a world where construction deadlines are increasingly tight and budgets are limited, surveying and 3D scanning can be very effective at eliminating inefficiencies and mitigating risk. Projects are completed faster, with significantly less money spent on rework.

Diverse services for all project types

Our team supports projects in all engineering fields—from highways and bridges to buildings, structures, mines, hydroelectric developments, and oil and gas facilities. We offer topographic, precision and settlement surveys, as well as bathymetrics, construction quality control, cut-and-fill surveys and calculations, as-built drawings and 3D scanning and modeling.

Since every project presents its own unique challenges, it makes sense to call on a multidisciplinary team like ours with a diverse project portfolio. Over the years, we’ve seen a marked increase in structural complexity, requiring higher tolerances. Our expertise makes increasingly innovative and complex projects feasible and cost-effective.

State-of-the-art equipment

Advanced hardware and software helps us produce much more accurate results, no matter what the site conditions are. To determine 3D positional accuracy, we often use scanners with external or coaxial cameras, many of which have long-range capabilities. When working in hard-to-access areas or on environmental disaster assessments, we bring in drones to capture high-resolution photos that are converted into point clouds. In aquatic environments with harsh or constrained conditions, unmanned boats with multi-beam sonar are an excellent option, covering a greater distance in less time, with no nautical security team required.

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