Pavement Design & Management

Pavement Design & Management

Used in more than 100 Canadian cities, our pavement management systems keep road networks—and the communities that depend on them—safe and operable.

For more than 40 years already, we are a Canadian leader in pavement engineering. Pavement surveys, management and design make up the core of our offering, delivered by an experienced and dedicated team. 

Our services are valued by all types of infrastructure owners, ranging from governments to ports and airports to privately held businesses. They call on us for everything from new developments to maintenance master plan for existing assets. 

Leading-edge tools

To offer our clients the very best, we work with the most innovative equipment on the market. This includes a multifunction vehicle and a high-capacity falling weight deflectometer to assess pavement structure. With these tools and our second-to none expertise, we’re able to effectively design the rehabilitation technique that has the highest return on investment for municipal roads, highways and heavily loaded pavements, like ports and airports. 

Valuable PPP experience

We have substantial experience in public-private partnerships (PPPs), where the performance and behaviour of our pavement designs is monitored. By developing solutions that are innovative, cost-effective and sustainable, we help our clients win and deliver successful PPP projects.

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