Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering

We deliver innovative, cost-effective engineered solutions in the geosciences and materials field. 

Our Materials Engineering team designs and tests a wide range of materials for use in infrastructure, mining, power and all kinds of other developments. From metals, soils and aggregates to cement, concrete and asphalt, we engineer the materials for the projects that shape our world.

We provide materials engineering, consultation and quality control services to private and public sector clients. Our offering includes specialized testing and analysis to ensure materials—new, living, recycled and reused—are suitable for their intended use and local climate conditions. Standards compliance and infrastructure longevity are always key considerations in our designs. 

Active in research

SNC-Lavalin’s professionals are constantly developing new tools and techniques for improving test accuracy and detecting faults in various materials. We’re driven by the desire to find solutions that are more durable, sustainable, cost-effective and can accelerate fieldwork.

On site and lab testing

We have an impressive equipment fleet to test soils, asphalt and concrete on site. For added speed, convenience and cost savings, mobile laboratories can also be set up locally for a direct link to the construction site. Featuring automatically computerized climatic chambers and testing machines, our labs are calibrated and powered by modern management software. 

We’re also proud to operate three Advanced Materials Testing and Research laboratories in Canada, where our industry-leading experts perform routine assessments of materials as well as complex, first-in-kind tests requiring specially developed processes and equipment.

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