In-Theatre Support

In-Theatre Support

When faced with border security and peacekeeping situations, governments and armed forces count on us for timely, effective support.

We offer comprehensive logistics support in remote locations, challenging geographies or at the end of the world’s most demanding supply chains. From damaged infrastructure to critical response times, our teams are prepared for the various complexities found in military preparedness operations. 

Our team has extensive experience in the field, having provided comprehensive logistics support to the Canadian Department of National Defence on various domestic and international projects.

We currently have a 10-year contract with the Canadian military on its overseas deployments under the Canadian Forces Augmentation Program (CANCAP). We provide a range of logistics, communications and administrative support services to the military and its troops. In our previous 10-year contract (awarded in 2002), we provided support to the military during their peacekeeping missions in Bosnia, Kabul and Kandahar.

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