Aviation Services

Aviation Services

Aviation solutions when and where they are needed

We can deliver aviation solutions when and where they are needed most. Our team members are specialists in planning and providing airlift and aviation services, including fixed and rotary wing aircraft for heavy, medium and light aviation movements in remote and austere locations. 

Our ability to provide preferential contract and ownership based access to multiple aircraft providers allows us to offer tailored solutions from simple projects to larger or more complex projects for government, military and humanitarian organizations.

An impeccable safety record

Safety is one of our company values, and it is engrained in our culture. We believe that we have the responsibility to safeguard our own staff, those of our clients, and the valuable assets we move and operate with. Since our inception we have maintained a keen focus on safety, and continue to enjoy an unmatched safety record and operational service delivery in some of the world’s most challenging operating environments.

Fleet and aircraft availability 

Our fleet access includes a range of small to medium, heavy and rotary wing aircraft. The diversity of our fleet provides flexibility to our clients, allowing us to respond to client needs with the right capabilities when and where they are needed.

Small – Medium Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraftaviation-services-thumbnail-1
Aircraft Selection includes An-2, An-3, An-12, An-32, An-26, F-50, LET 410
Caters to short take-off and landing (STOL) demands

  • Range up to 3600km
  • Cargo Capacity up to 18 Tonnes and 90m3
  • Passenger Capacity up to 58

Heavy Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraftaviation-services-thumbnail-2
Aircraft Selection includes B-737 Combi, B-747F, An-124, An-225, IL-76

  • Range up to 5200km
  • Cargo Capacity up to 210 Tonnes and 1300m3
  • Passenger Capacity up to 50

Rotary Wingaviation-services-thumbnail-3
Aircraft selection includes Mi-8T/P/MTV, Ka-32, Mi-26, Mi-17

  • Range up to 700km
  • Cargo Capacity up to 20 Tonnes and 126m3
  • Passenger Capacity up to 82

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