Airlift Operations

Airlift Operations

From dense jungle to frozen tundra, natural disasters to armed conflict, we help deliver relief where it’s needed most.

When war breaks out or natural disasters occur, there’s a pressing need to bring relief supplies into the area and evacuate populations at risk. These airlift operations require specialized expertise, rapid response capabilities and detailed logistics.

We organize and manage global passenger and heavy cargo airlift operations on behalf of governments, militaries, private companies, non-governmental organizations and relief organizations. Our services include air logistics support to move people and goods in and out of the world’s most challenging geographies and geopolitical situations. 

To move outsize cargo, we use airlift solutions that include the Antonov 124, Ilyushin 176, Boeing 747 freighter and Airbus 300 freighter, as well as a full range of smaller aircraft.

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