Recreational Buildings

Recreational Buildings

What do recreational buildings have in common with the athletes, musicians and artists who use them? They all aim for optimum performance.

Community centres, arenas, cinemas, live theatres, swimming pools, casinos. Bringing the fun and well-being into our communities is at the core of these projects.

Recreational facilities are very diverse, but they all share the same types of requirements. Esthetics, energy efficiency, high-occupancy loads, special acoustic criteria and limited budgets are all aspects that are integrated into the design process. Our challenge is to find energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions that can fit into the most daring architectural plans.

A collaborative approach

Our teams work closely with acoustic experts, code consultants and architects to select equipment and elaborate systems that meet pre-established project criteria. Noise and vibration attenuation is something we take very seriously to ensure the comfort and well-being of a building’s occupants and neighbours.

Our experts in scenographic and technology systems can design and integrate high technology equipment like giant scoreboards, video walls, dynamic display screens on IP network, large venue sound systems, paging systems, scenographic lighting with motorized battens, state-of-the-art architectural lighting with controllers, and professional audio and video systems.

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