Northern Buildings

Northern Buildings

One airport terminal, one community centre, one health centre and one school—for communities north of the 50th parallel, every building is important. That’s why we design each building by prioritizing its economic and social value.

We offer complete building design services for communities in Subarctic and Arctic climates. This includes engineering (mechanical, electrical, structural, civil and geotechnical), energy simulations, snow and wind analyses, pollution dispersion analyses and any required satellite services.

On-budget and on-time delivery

High costs associated with the transportation of materials and a limited window for sea-lift availability mean that northern building projects are especially time and budget-sensitive. We know that any delays can be extremely costly, which is why we fast-track the shop-drawing approval process and perform increased follow-ups to ensure that deadlines are met. Over the years, we’ve earned a strong reputation—and the trust of our clients—for delivering innovative engineering projects in very short periods of time.

Specialized expertise for Northern projects

Building in the North requires in-depth knowledge of the region’s unique characteristics, challenges and constraints. Our professionals have contributed to the review of the Good Building Practice Guidelines issued by Government of Nunavut, which shows their high level of expertise. We also bring broad environmental knowledge to the table with highly qualified experts specializing in impact assessments, air and water quality, climate change and geoscience.

Our specialized areas of expertise include:

  • Energy efficiency: We equip facilities with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions available today, while making sure that the buildings will be able to accommodate new technologies.
  • Rugged and reliable building systems: Buildings are designed to be resistant, easy to maintain and, when required, to be fully autonomous for power, sewage and water.
  • Foundations: Adjustable jacks or conventional foundations have traditionally been used for building on permafrost, but recent changes to the climate now have us looking to build directly on bedrock or on piles anchored to bedrock whenever possible.

Partnering with Indigenous communities

We’re very proud to have strong relationships with Canada’s Indigenous communities, including elected leaders, business leaders and associations. We understand the importance of their engagement and regularly include local residents in the design and build process to make sure the buildings we design will meet their needs and expectations and that the community is actively involved in the entire development process. Sometimes even the smallest adjustments to design and construction can make a big difference in ensuring community satisfaction—and project success.

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