Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Helping the healing process: Our healthcare solutions improve wellness by providing patients with the most recent technological advancements.

By putting patients’ needs at the centre of our interventions, we ensure that buildings will provide the best environment for both the clinical and non-clinical operations of the healthcare facilities.

We provide comprehensive engineering, project management and maintenance services for new healthcare facilities, namely for projects delivered under P3 arrangements. We also play an important role in rehabilitating, upgrading and modernizing existing hospitals and research centres.

50 years of excellence

We have an extensive portfolio of healthcare projects dating back more than five decades. We are known for delivering highly sophisticated systems and for employing the best project managers in the industry. With an in-depth understanding of client needs, we’re able to effectively integrate mechanical-electrical services with room equipment and ensure that layouts meet hospital requirements.

We design structural systems that take into account the wide variety of a hospital’s needs and users. Our team can integrate the many construction requirements of a healthcare facility into its design and architecture, including vibration control for sensitive equipment, such as diagnostic imaging, or Bunker-type isolation for radiology rooms. Since healthcare facilities are constantly evolving, we design flexible structural systems for facilities that may be expanded or refitted in the future. We can also help bring an existing facility up to current standards, reinforce the structural design for paraseismic activity, or any other minor or major expansion project.

Our specialized expertise covers all types of mechanical systems needed for healthcare facilities. To humanize patient care and promote recovery, our professionals aim for healing designs (luminosity, acoustics, etc.) and select the safest possible mechanical-electrical equipment. With a solid understanding of health care, we develop optimal solutions that take into account clinical activity management, maintenance, mechanical-electrical system flexibility, energy efficiency, and codes and standards. Infection prevention and control is an essential part of what we do, along with ensuring uninterrupted services for users.

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