Educational Buildings

Educational Buildings

From elementary schools to universities, SNC-Lavalin has more than 50 years of experience in the educational sector. Our professionals help create healthy and stimulating environments with cutting-edge technology to promote student learning.

Our engineers are known for delivering reliable, cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed environmental targets. We understand that energy efficiency, sustainability and the profitability of solutions are the top concerns of our clients. We use a collaborative approach to find flexible and customizable solutions that will facilitate maintenance operations, as well as allow buildings to evolve without major disruption.

SNC-Lavalin’s portfolio includes a wide range of educational buildings—ranging from suburban schools to major university complexes—using various project delivery methods, including P3, turnkey and traditional projects.

Experience in project delivery under tight deadlines

Since educational projects come with challenges related to the school calendar, our wealth of experience is a major advantage. We’re very familiar with the best equipment available on the market and can quickly produce designs that meet the highest certification requirements, such as LEED Gold or Platinum certification standards.

Effective implementation strategies allow us to produce work in short periods of time and minimize impact on school activities.

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