Data Centres

Data Centres

Reliable and straightforward designs are the key factors to robust data centres with no room for unplanned events.

Server downtime negatively impacts all businesses, but especially companies offering online or collocation services. Our specialized team provides complete multidisciplinary design services, including expert consulting, site audits, advanced commissioning, room certification, site supervision and inspections.

Fast, reliable and energy-efficient designs

Since data centres are built in response to immediate business needs, facility designs are required in very short time frames. We’re known for our ability to meet tight schedules, while ensuring that the highest possible standards are met for reliable and energy efficient systems. In fact, we’re able to leverage SNC-Lavalin’s broad in-house expertise on fundamental building components such as chillers, sophisticated air conditioning systems, generators and uninterruptable power supply. Beyond being efficient, we know that systems have to be easy to operate. After all, downtime is usually attributed to human error, not equipment failures. That’s why we ensure that all our solutions are straightforward and user-friendly.

Tier classification and LEED certifications

Clients want reliable systems that offer high availability. We work with clients to determine the level of redundancy required of each equipment and system to ensure the availability of their data centres in accordance with their business needs. For those that require validation by an external consultant, our accredited Tier designers (ATD) can ensure that design and facilities meet Uptime Institute Tier certification criteria. Our ATD designers can also assist clients with their Tier certification process. We use the same approach when a client wishes to obtain LEED certification. Our LEED-accredited professionals work with the client in order to meet the overall desired performance for the building.

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