Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Tight deadlines. Strict budgets. High efficiency needs. Rapid execution. We understand the fast paced commercial buildings market.

Our ability to deliver large volumes of projects in very short time frames is very appreciated by our clients in this business segment. We also ensure that systems are energy efficient, cost-effective and that they meet the specific needs of each building owners and users.

From small renovation mandates to major construction projects, our experienced team of building engineers and technicians design systems for several types of retail spaces: offices, warehouses, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc.

Complete design services

Maintaining building design standards is a challenge that many commercial property owners prefer to entrust to external experts. We work with our clients to establish design criteria and ensure all their building assets across the country are in compliance with them. As their provider, we are both a trusted partner and an extension of their in-house expertise.

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