Air Terminal & Groundside Facilities

Air Terminal & Groundside Facilities

Service truly soars when passengers can step off a plane and quickly reclaim their bags. Airport operators know timely delivery can reach new heights with carefully planned terminals and effective baggage-handling systems.

We specialize in all aspects of terminal and groundside facilities, including baggage handling systems, complex building engineering and systems, parking and ground transportation, way finding and signage, and terminal planning. By keeping airports running smoothly, we help make the travel experience better for everyone. 

Baggage handling systems and automation 

SNC-Lavalin has one of the largest specialized team in Canada that focuses specifically on baggage-handling systems (BHS) and automation. We design, model, build and test systems for small, medium and large airports worldwide. Our comprehensive BHS services include everything from plans, studies and pre-qualification testing to installation, monitoring and controlling. 

Some of our key differentiators include:

  • Automation, controls and baggage image and weight identification systems (BIWIS)
  • In-bound systems and carousels
  • Sortation systems with multiple vendors
  • BHS modeling, Revit and AutoCAD
  • BHS specifications for various delivery models