Airside Infrastructure

Airside Infrastructure

With specialized expertise in airside infrastructure, SNC-Lavalin lays the groundwork for safe and efficient flight connections that link communities. 

We have a proven track record in delivering airside infrastructure projects that meet the stringent requirements applicable to airport projects. From runways, taxiways, aprons and nav-aids to the utilities below and lighting systems above, we design and develop all types of airside infrastructure. When planning projects, we seek the most efficient ways of getting the job done, while ensuring minimal impact on airport capacities and operations. 

A solid understanding of regulatory requirements 

Obtaining and maintaining regulatory certification requires an in-depth understanding of technical requirements that are subject to change without notice. Our airfield planners help clients navigate the operating standards and recommended practices set out by national and international regulatory bodies, including Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration (USA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization. 

A cutting edge expertise in airfield electrical systems 

As an airport grows, its need for reliable airfield electrical systems and nav-aids changes. We have developed expertise in designing, adapting, and installing various electrical systems with minimal risks and impacts on existing airports operations. We provide customized electrical solutions for access control, airfield lighting control and restricted zone monitoring systems, as well as for communication networks and field electrical centres. 

A complete civil engineering service offer 

Civil engineering is one of the fundamental aspects of airport infrastructure and the core of our services. Our staff is trained to work on both airside and landside areas of airports and has a solid understanding of the airport environment and operations. Our strategic approach allows us to consistently deliver efficient airside designs and safely supervise works on active airfields. 

Our Airport civil infrastructure experts also closely monitor the development of new design software, the development of construction materials and new methodologies. By keeping up with current trends, we’re able to provide clients with the best and most appropriate engineering solutions for their needs. 

Our specific capabilities and service products include:

Design services

  • Airside and landside planning studies
  • Topographical surveys and obstacle limitation surface (OLS) mapping
  • Pavement condition inspections
  • Feasibility development
  • Storm drainage design
  • Utility piping design
  • Pavement design and management
  • Civil construction plans, specifications and procurement 

Construction site services 

  • Direct construction supervision in live environments
  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • Construction contract administration
  • As-built compilation and validation surveys