Digital & AI

Digital & AI


Our digital offerings range from digital products and tools that enhance the delivery of both your work and our projects, to Internet of Things (IoT), mobility as a service (MaaS) and strategic digital asset management solutions. By enabling the better collection, analytics and accessibility of data created during the lifecycle of a physical asset or the movement of goods and people, we provide our clients with enhanced business outcomes for the long-term growth of their organizations.  

At the heart of our digital capabilities is an approach of continuous innovation that combines our technological skills with our traditional engineering expertise. We are working closely with our clients to identify or develop digital solutions that solve and improve their business performance, reduce their costs and offer better outcomes for their customers. Using a lean start-up methodology, we incubate and test innovative ideas at a rapid pace, ensuring we remain the market leader in digital engineering services.


Today’s digital systems are more complex, automation on projects is more prevalent, and our technology is getting smarter and more autonomous. We aim to be at the forefront of these trends, and our expert teams are pushing boundaries to provide consulting services for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

We help clients conduct research and development on the use of artificial intelligence to identify features of interest to asset owners from photographic or video surveys of various infrastructure projects. We enable asset owners to undertake automated inspections and effectively identify any critical features from the entire survey data set efficiently and consistently giving an accurate objective measure of the condition of an asset. 

Digital Telecommunications

At SNC-Lavalin, we view technology as a means to support our clients to become more efficient, increase competitive advantage and manage assets more cost effectively. By combining industry leading expertise, the latest digital and telecommunications technology, and demonstrating how these work in a real world setting, we continue to support our clients at every stage of their journey. 

We have supported our clients in making tactical and strategic decisions with the use of technology for nearly 40 years. Our specialists have a deep understanding and extensive experience in the delivery of complex digital and telecommunication installation and integration – often in remote locations. Our work includes network design and system architecture, integration of technological platforms and the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). 

Today’s challenges are very different with the emergence of digitalization and cyber threats. We can work with you to ensure your project reaches its full potential efficiently, safely and securely. We design and implement solutions for: 

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection/Cyber Security – protecting critical assets and cyber infrastructure through real-time monitoring.
  • Converged Networks – providing complex data infrastructure between smart devices and data analytics engines. 
  • Digital Operations and Maintenance – using IoT solutions to improve productivity and profitability in operations and maintenance. 
  • Connected Work Site – monitoring based on real-time alerts and trend data, workforce management and safety.

Working as partners

We recognize that each of our clients will be at different stages of their strategy or project. You will sometimes need specialized expertise or a long-term partner to deliver the appropriate level of change in your business. SNC-Lavalin can provide experienced and skilled technologists who can work with you or provide you with proven technologies. We can also integrate and work alongside your operational teams to deliver services and support for the long-term. 

We recognize that delivering our services to clients can only be done through strong partnerships. We select our supporting partners based on their ability to deliver meaningful change for our clients’ projects, whether the projects are small in scale or large global work programs. We ensure that their plans, technology choices and expertise continue to be complimentary and useful to our clients. 

Global expertise, delivered locally 


Our dedicated regional experts are supported by our global network professionals, making it possible to provide turnkey integrated digital and telecommunications solutions for a wide variety of operational requirements regardless of size, location or complexity. 

We offer strategically located engineering offices and integration centres around the globe that can ensure access to the right people when you need to engage face to face. 

Multi-sector capabilities