Mardumah Bay Water Project

While helping the Saudi Arabia Royal Commission develop recreational shoreline areas for local residents, we designed a sustainable solution to improve water quality and circulation within Mardumah Bay and the Al Khaleej Channel.

The Saudi Arabia Royal Commission asked us to carry out a hydraulic study for the coastal and marine areas around the Huwaylat, Fanateer, Mardumah and Raggah districts. It’s part of a major plan to develop recreational shoreline areas and improve existing navigation channels along the coastal areas of Jubail on the Arabian Gulf.

In addition to identifying which spots were suitable for beaches and recreational use, our study also pointed to two areas of concern: poor water circulation in Mardumah Bay and nearly stagnant water in the Al Khaleej Channel. Both problems were causing decreased water quality.

Our solution? To link the water bodies by a 3.5-kilometre channel. This plan will require no mechanical devices, pumping stations or energy input, since the difference in tide levels, combined with flow regulating structures, will direct water from the bay to the open sea. Basically, nature will do all the hard work. Not only that, but the channel will add an attractive waterfront feature to the city with high recreational value.

 Sustainability achievements:
  • We’re using natural, emission-free energy to address water circulation problems along the coast of the Arabian Gulf.
  • Beyond addressing water quality concerns, our solution will enhance Jubail’s recreational appeal.

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